With so many access points, from cell phones to laptop and home computers, how can anyone hope to keep their network safe from hackers, viruses and other unintentional security breaches? The answer is not “one thing” but a series of things you have to implement and constantly be vigilant about, such as installing and constantly updating your firewall, antivirus, spam-filtering software and backups. This is why clients hire us – it’s a full-time job for someone with specific expertise (which we have!).

Once that basic foundation is in place, the next most important thing you can do is create an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and TRAIN your employees on how to use company devices and other security protocols, such as never accessing company e-mail, data or applications with unprotected home PCs and devices (for example). Also, how to create good passwords, how to recognize a phishing e-mail, what websites to never access, etc. NEVER assume your employees know everything they need to know about IT security. Threats are ever-evolving and attacks are getting more sophisticated and clever by the minute.

Our Podcast series is one great way to keep your employees informed, but you STILL need training and a good AUP in place. If you’d like our help in creating an AUP for your company, based on best practices, call us at 940-324-9400. You’ll be glad you did.


Episode Show Notes: 

In this episode we are going to talk about slow computers, get a little more into the productivity side of things! 

People pay a SIGNIFICANT amount of money, then, when we give them advice (sound advice btw!) they’ll think “oh you are just trying to sell me something…” Guys, we’re here to take care of your network, to help your business grow, to help you be more productive, and make more money yourself! We’re NOT trying to rob you when giving you advice I promise you that… 

Today we are going to talk about what’s SMART when it comes to technology, and finances in general. 

  • At [3:00] we talk about what we do not advise business owners to do while IT consulting...   
  • At [3:17] we talk about the smart approach. Here, this is to develop a solid strategy for your business and spend exactly the amount of money required to execute on that strategy. Buying right.  
  • At [3:45] we talk about what’s StupidStupid is saving money at all costs… What I mean by that is I’ve watched people spend a small fortune just to save a few pennies…  
  •  It is not a smart decision to operate on ancient equipment. Period.  
  • There are at least a handful of Windows 7 machines STILL out there in the wild…  
  • Fact: stores stopped selling those (Windows 7 machines) back in 2013. Over 7 years ago, and we personally still find them EVERYWHERE if not in the whole operation.   
  • Another fact: Microsoft is no longer supporting it, so unless you’re paying Microsoft a premium right now to have them come and specifically look at your machines, then you’re NOT getting any of those security patches and hackers are just living and thriving in those Windows 7 machines!  
  • At [5:25] we talk about what you DON’T SEE when operating on ancient computers. What’s not working anymore – is the security features. App developers aren’t making any apps for Windows 7, your printer won’t work next week, etc… 
  • At [7:20] we talk about what age we recommend for a productive workstation, in a business, trying to make money, keep clients and customers happy. 
    • We recommend 3 – 5 years in a professional, business environment We extended it “to 5 years” because people will give push back when trying to tell them what they really should have. But the reality is, beyond 3 years you will start dealing with frustration from your end users.  
    • 3 to 5 years is irresponsible but after that, a computer that is 5+ years old, that’s STUPID. 
  • [9:37] - The largest expense in most organizations is YOU the employees, is the largest expense I must deal with month-in month-out  
  • At [10:10] we do math for a Minimum Wage Employee in the State of Texas.
    • A Minimum wage employee in the state of Texas asks for 2.4% raise is that worth somebody’s happiness? (The answer is YES)  
  • The lesson is that it’s a matter of perspective. We understand that we must watch every dollar we spend, but man, only 2.4% to make a difference in somebody’s life and the emotional distress they’re going through.  
  • At [13:40] we do MORE MATH: 
    • For someone who earns $50,000 a year as a percent of their payroll, a DECENT computer for them is 0.9% of their payroll. 
  • At [14:27] we do math with $100,000+ a year
    • Now, if we’re talking about these guys that are pulling in 6 figures $100,000/year doing it as a % of their payroll, now we are at 0.3%. ONLY 0.3% of their payroll. 
    • This is a rounding error to give people good technology…  
  • We talked about the emotional impact, productivity impact, and technical challenges introduced to not have adequate equipment, treating our employees the way they should be treated is such a SMALL percent of the investment that we make in these people. 
  • At [16:02] the SMART thing to do: we highly recommend getting a professional evaluation of where you are at, what you’re trying to accomplish with your business, then the formula with the right tool set to accomplish that 
    • Master Computing will do that for you in a 10-minute phone call. No charge, no strings attached!! We will simply tell you where you’re, what you need to do with that, and the right tool set personalized for you to accomplish it! Schedule a 10-Minute Call today! Go to: www.mastercomputing.com/discovery