Your network is only as secure as the employees who use it. Employee negligence is the main cause of security breaches and data loss, per a report released by CNBC in 2018. With hackers using increasingly sophisticated modes of attack on a wide variety of industries, no network is safe. End user education through IT security and awareness training is the first step of an effective security strategy to protect your network from attacks.

What Is IT Security and Awareness Training?

Cybersecurity and awareness end user training is an education plan that targets every employee that has access to your company’s network. The goal of security and awareness training is to provide your end users with the information they need to avoid common cybercrime attacks, such as phishing and password theft.

Your network IT security strategy is one of the most important choices you will ever make for your company’s safety. Without an effective plan, your company’s network is at risk from:







A study released by Statista reports that cybercrime can cost a business nearly $4 million. Many businesses never recover from a data breach and close their doors forever following an attack.

Security awareness is a vital key to protecting your business. Employees need to understand that they are the first line of defense against cybercrime. They can inadvertently place your company at risk when they engage in behaviors such as:

  • Reusing passwords
  • Clicking infected attachments
  • Browsing suspicious sites
  • Responding to phishing attacks
  • Unintentionally releasing information to cybercriminals

In addition to modifying their online behavior, employees should be made aware of the different types of attacks and how they can prevent them.

Alongside targeted awareness training, a detailed IT security plan increases the security of your network. Security training programs don’t need to be lengthy, time-consuming events that affect productivity. Master Computing’s training programs are a combination of smaller ongoing security and awareness training sessions—such as email blasts and short, targeted classes.

Why Your Business Needs Master Computing's Security Awareness Training

Master Computing goes above and beyond typical security and awareness training. We understand that it isn’t easy to change online behaviors, so we offer solutions that make security easy to understand and use. We know that the more your employees buy into your security plan, the more likely they are to implement it.

We believe in ongoing training to keep security fresh in your team’s minds. We use smaller, ongoing awareness training platforms—such as IT security tests, email tips, podcasts and other methods—to ensure that your business’s security strategy becomes second nature to them.

Master Computing also understands that employees can become complacent, so we offer routine security and awareness training refresher courses. In addition, Master Computing will help you plan an onboarding security and awareness training strategy so new employees are familiar with your network policies from the very beginning.

Without Master Computing’s multi-leveled end user education, IT security and awareness training platform, your employees will remain your greatest unintentional security threat.

Find Out How Master Computing Can Help Your Business

Master Computing believes that IT security and awareness training is your biggest defense against cybercrime and data loss. We make it our priority to keep your employees informed, protected, and aware. Find out how our security and awareness training can help your business.

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