Justin Shelley
CEO, Master Computing

As CEO of Master Computing, I have seen firsthand the emotional pain and financial damage caused by various forms of cybercrime. I have family members, friends, and business associates that have experienced devastating loss as victims of online criminal activities.

The damage done by the criminals is bad enough, but I am outraged that our system is currently prosecuting the victims of these crimes. The real criminals are virtually untouchable from a legal standpoint because they are outside of our government’s jurisdiction. So in desperation, our system goes after the victims. The VICTIMS! When did it become OK to prosecute the victims of crime?!?

As much as I love technology, I’m frustrated by my industry’s response to this situation. It has become a money-grab. I’m here to tell you that you can go broke trying to apply every recommended security measure to your organization. It simply isn’t practical. I’m also here to tell you there is another option.

I have embarked on a personal crusade to educate every business in the DFW area on simple, effective, and affordable ways to protect their organizations from data breaches and other online criminal behavior. The entire objective of DFWSecuritySeminars.com is to provide FREE resources to help all organizations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area fight this growing threat.

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