Have You Heard?

Master Computing is now hosting webinars every Wednesday at 2:00! We're excited to announce new service offerings that can help protect your business!

Don't be shy. Stop by and join us, we would love to have you!

Details on each webinar are listed below.

Hop on the Tech Train!

  • Learn about new technologies that will help streamline your business and remove all technology-induced headaches.
  • Join us at 2:00 on the first Wednesday of every month.

Disaster Prevention and Recovery

  • What happens when data-erasing disasters strike?  What does the recovery process look like, or is it even possible?
  • Join us at 2:00 on the second Wednesday of every month.

Are You Getting What You Pay For?

  • The dirty secrets of the IT industry, and how to make sure your IT provider is really protecting you from cybercrime and downtime.
  • Join us at 2:00 on the third Wednesday of every month.

Cybercrime: 7 Critical Security Protections

  • Learn the key security measures that every business must have in place NOW to protect themselves from cybercrime, data breaches, and hacker attacks.
  • Join us at 2:00 on the fourth Wednesday of every month.